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While driving my newly purchased used 2004 BMW 525i home from the dealership (Queen City Auto Sales, 704-333-8550) on 02/21/2014 I noticed that the car was hesitating and that there was a smell of gas/oil. I called them immediately and was told the car was too low on gas; that I was paranoid and the smell was due to car sitting in back of dealership. Within the same week the car was shaking and big clouds of white smoke were coming out the back filling up the parking lot. I informed Mohammed of the continuing issues and of the “Check Engine/Check Control” messages being displayed. The owner, Mohamed said not to worry about anything, he would take care of me like a sister and that no matter how much or how little I paid for a car, I have the right to have a car that runs well. I said I just don’t want to be taken advantage of.

They sent me to Alex (704-900-0946), the guy who works on all their cars and told me he would fix the car. The car was towed to Alex on 03/13/2014 and I was charged $450.00 ($70.00 for towing), which I gave to Sam in the dealership. Alex told them I worry too much. I was told that the repairs were completed on 04/02/2014. I was not given a written estimate before the work was done. Neither was I given a breakdown of the charges at the time that I paid the repair bill. I asked Alex to fax the invoice to the dealership. He told me to come by and pick it up and he would explain everything to me.

Within one week of picking up the car it started to exhibit the exact same issues. I asked Alex what the warranty on his work was and he said one year. He also said I could take him to court if I wanted to. Later, I left 2 or 3 messages for Alex trying to coordinate a time to drop the car off to be repaired again, because I work two jobs, but, have not yet received a return call. Finally, I left a message for Mohamed to give me Alex’s last name and business name. I have not received an email or return call. I called my auto insurance company to make sure I had road-side assistance coverage because the car seemed like it would cut off at any moment.

Queen City has opened a new location on Independence Blvd. I mention this because Alex said to me that he does a lot of work for Queen City Auto Sales. They want him to get the cars in and out quickly. They want him to fix only obvious issues that the customer cares most about and can check quickly - like the radio and heat/air.

Monetary Loss: $9450.



Please give me your number. I am suing them in court.

Your testimony will help me.

My name is felisha wall. Email: yungcoltrane@yahoo.com.


Addendum: Mohamed, the owner of Queen City Auto Sales FINALLY responded to my BBB complaint. He blames Alex for my car's troubles!

this is the very same Alex that he referred me to and who Mohamed says works on all of his cars. Talking about shirking responsibility! And forget about LOYALTY!

Never mind the fact that the car was exhibiting issues from day 1 - before I ever took it to Alex. Not to mention the fact that Alex pretty much confessed to me that he runs a "band-aid" factory for Mohamed!

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